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كانمندواعيسرورناحضورمؤسسة الحاسوب الأستراليةعشاءالتنوعالسنويلعام 2017 الذيأقيميومالجمعة الموافق8 منشهر ديسمبرفي"كراونبيرث".لقدقامتدكتورة"فيفيينكونواي"بنفسهابعمل عنوان"لوكنوت"حولحقيقةأنهعندمانتشاركأعباءبعضناالبعض،لاتبدوثقيلة.واستمعتإلىالأغنيةالشعبية "هو ليسثقيلا"،منقِبل"هوليز"للإلهام،وأظهرتكيفينتشرشعورالرعايةللآخرينفي منظمتنابأكملها.وجميعنانتحملمسؤوليةضمانسعادةالآخرين. ونودأننشكرمؤسسة الحاسوب الأستراليةباستراليا الغربية علىمثلهذهالأُمسيةالرائعة،وأننشكرالمتحدثةالرائعةالأخرى"ليزاإيفانز"علىدهاء الحديثومخاطبة الجماهيروالسردالقصصيلقصتها.إذاكنتَترغبفيمشاهدةالصورمنقلب الحدث،يُرجىالنقرهنا.

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January 2018

Our latest newsletter is about: Document Hurdles

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ACS Annual Diversity Dinner

December 2017

We had the pleasure of attending the ACS 2017 Annual Diversity Dinner held on Friday the 8th of December at Crown Perth. Our very own Dr. Vivienne Conway did the Locknote address about the fact that when we share each others' burdens, they don't seem as heavy.  She drew on the popular song 'He Ain't Heavy', by The Hollies for inspiration, and demonstrated how a sense of caring for others should permeate our whole organisation.  We all have a responsibility to ensure the well-being of others.. We’d like to thanks ACS WA for such a fabulous evening, and to thank the other wonderful speaker Lisa Evans from Speaking Savvy Public Speaking & Storytelling for her story. If you'd like to see the photos from the event, please click here.

ACS Digital Disruptors Awards

November 2017

A big congratulations to our very own Dr. Vivienne Conway on receiving the Gold Disruptor ACS ICT Professional of the Year Award on November 2nd 2017!

The ACS Digital Disruptors Awards recognises individuals who demonstrate high levels of professionalism and achievement through six (6) award categories. The ICT Professional of the Year demonstrates excellence in their field of ICT. They are active in their continuing professional development and display the highest standards of professional ethics. They use their technical knowledge to be a positive role model and influence the workplace to the highest standards both professionally and ethically. You can read about the winners here and read about the award criteria here.

WAITTA E-Newsletter

June 2017

Read about all the amazing WAITTA INCITE Awards and National Award winners including our own Dr Vivienne Conway.

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PEAT Talks: The Future of Accessible Work

May 2017

'In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), W4A Conference Chair Vivienne Conway recounts the top trends emerging from the global conference Web For All 2017: The Future of Accessible Work.'

The video of the talk together with the transcript and slide downloads are now here on the PEAT site.

Being accessible is good for business

May 2017

Learn at Morning Tea event.

Learn the value of being accessible with digital accessibility expert Dr Vivienne Conway of Web Key IT at sixty27's "Learn at Morning Tea" free event.

A closed door shuts down the income source for any business. Why then do we consider opening businesses where the digital shop front is closed to at least 20% of the population - those who have disabilities? Actually, the potential loss is closer to 50% because there are other issues to consider such as English as a second language, limited literacy and multiple factors which when combined make digital access difficult.

Visit the City of Joondalup Events for more information.

OZeWAI Conference 2016: The Trouble with private health company websites - getting it right.


Speaker: Dr Vivienne Conway

Visit OZeWAI  for the video and transcript of the talk.

Do I really need to check the accessibility of my documents?


At Web Key IT, we are regularly asked for advice and assistance in creating accessible documents, particularly by organisations striving to host these documents on their websites.  Most website owners are aware that any content you host on your website needs to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Version 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) (W3C, 2008). These guidelines have been created by the World Wide Web Consortium, known as W3C. In Australia this normally means meeting Level AA of WCAG 2.0. Basically if you need an Internet connection to reach the document, and this includes email of course, the document must be accessible. If the document is in printed copy only, these requirements do not apply.  Read more about checking documents for accessibility.

Web Accessibility Camp 2015 Wrap-up

July 2015

The Perth Web Accessibility Camp was held on Wednesday, 22 July 2015 and saw a record number of 121 attendees.  We were very fortunate to have the Camp sponsored by Bankwest who provided the venue on Murray Street, Perth as well as food and refreshments throughout the day.  We added a Sundowner this year for the first time, sponsored by Permeance Technologies.  Read more about the camp wrap up.

WCAG-EM: a powerful tool in trained hands

July 2014

 On July 7, the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) officially announced the release to the public of the completed Web Accessibility Conformance Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM).

Apart from the continuous stream of acronyms, this is really good news for anyone involved with website accessibility. This of course includes those organisations (most of us) with websites, those who are involved with testing them to see if they comply with WCAG 2.0, government and eventually, the users of those websites. Read more about WCAG-EM.

Website Accessibility in Western Australian Public Libraries


Site accessibility which attempt to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities to use materials published on the World Wide Web (Web). This article provides a summation of the research conducted into the accessibility of public library websites in Western Australia. A discussion is provided of the website audit methods used and results obtained. The research demonstrates the level of compliance with Australian and International standards as well as results of surveys used to determine the perceived willingness to comply with those standards, barriers to compliance and benefits of an accessible website.  Read the full article about Website Accessibility in Western Australian Public Libraries

Web accessibility issues with Blackboard at Edith Cowan University


Website accessibility is a very real and pressing issue in Australia and internationally. Tim Berners-Lee credited with founding the Web, states “The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect” (Henry & McGee, 2010). This paper is the result of research conducted into the website accessibility of Blackboard as implemented at Edith Cowan University. This well-known commercial Learning Management System is used for e-learning access and content delivery. Testing was conducted to determine the level of adherence of Blackboard to internationally-recognized best practice web accessibility guidelines. An analysis of the results of this research demonstrate that while Blackboard scores “better than average”, this still constitutes a failing grade in terms of overall usability for people with visual disabilities. Incorporation of the features of the WCAG 2.0 would ensure that Blackboard meets current best practice guidelines.  Read the full article about web accessibility issues with Blackboard at ECU.